About Us

 Erol Köstek was born in 1957 in Çatalçam village of Refahiye District of Erzincan as the third child of a family of five children. On 23.04.1967, he lost his father as a result of a train accident in Pendik. He had a difficult childhood. He completed his primary and secondary school in his village, and his commerce high school in Erzincan by staying at Vakıflar Student Dormitory. He could not continue his education due to the political conflicts and chaos in the country. He came to Istanbul in 1975 in order to earn his own living and hold on to life. It was his first job washing dishes in a restaurant in Pendik.

Later, he worked as an accountant at Sedef Ship Industry for 27 months. He quit his job to complete his national duty. After returning from military service, he worked for four years in Misurata, Libya, where he went under STFA İnşaat, with the suggestions and support of the one of the founders of Sedef Gemi, Cemil GÜRLEK. This process was a turning point in his life and he decided to do his own business on his return from Libya.

Our founder Erol Köstek, with the guidance of Yılmaz Vural İlhan, whom he met by chance at that time and later who became the name father of Gurbetçiler Plastik, decided to start the production of PLASTIC products, in a sector he did not know. He bought a plastic injection machine and started to work in a small workshop of 100 m², which he rented in Pendik. Mr. Yılmaz Vural İLHAN laid the foundation stones of our company by teaching and supporting us in plastic production, packaging, costing, bidding, mold making. By the time he became one of our family member and the elder brother of the family.

Our company planned and produced PASPAYI, a new product for our country, and today it serves all over the world. Özgün Dumrul, the Project Manager in Libya, contributed greatly to the introduction of plastic spacers and gaining market share in the market. Our company, which has gained a market share in the sector and created its own customer portfolio with the international fairs we constantly attend and close communication, continues its activities in Tuzla - Chemical industrialists organized industrial zone with a 20.000 m² closed and 4.000 m² open area.

Our company, which has come to this day by rising on solid foundations since 1985, in the plastics industry; 10 brands, including 4 Patented and 3 Utility Model approved, PASPAYI®, KAROAPP®, KÜMBET KÖR KALIP®, MONODUCT®, TÜNEL SEGMENT®, RAYTUT®, GEOANKRAJ®, NOZUL FILTER®, YORUM PLASTIC®, YORUM KALIP® It continues its growth steadily by achieving success with its more than 1,500 registered product range.

Learning, researching and developing are among the basic features of the company. Being a successful and reliable brand is the focus of its services. With its service network in all six continents extending from the Americas to Australia, it spreads its sphere of influence throughout the world. Today our company, Erol Köstek family, devoted management team and 120 personnel, serves our country by actively exporting to more than 60 countries.